Embi_en_1I hope you were able to enjoy time (and great food) with family and friends this past Thanksgiving. As I’m sure many of you do, I sometimes become reflective on these occasions, marking the passage of time and how things change over the years. This is especially true as I approach my first anniversary at Regenstrief Institute, and I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished over the past year to position ourselves for even greater success in the future. Indeed, thanks to the amazing work of so many of you, this has been a banner year. A few of your recent accomplishments are mentioned in the latest issue of the Regenstrief Register, as are announcements worthy of congratulations and new additions to our team. Looking forward, there is a great deal more to get excited about as we transition from finalizing our strategic plan to its implementation. Thank you to everyone who has done outstanding work to flesh out our plans, and I look forward to sharing more about those plans in future issues of the Regenstrief Register!

Best wishes,

Peter Embi, MD
President and  CEO
Regenstrief Institute

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Seize the Moment: Revered geriatric psychiatrist transitions to retirement
Two decades ago Indiana University Center for Aging Research center scientist and Regenstrief Institute distinguished research scientist Hugh Hendrie surveyed physician retirees and spouses. He found that nearly 90 percent of the retired physicians and an equal percentage of the spouses were “mostly satisfied” with their retirement.     In addition to remaining physically healthy,…
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Gold Foundation award named in honor of Regenstrief Institute investigator Rich Frankel
INDIANAPOLIS – The Arnold P. Gold Foundation Research Institute recently created the Richard Frankel Award for Creating a Loving Community, in recognition of the contributions and achievements of Regenstrief Institute investigator and Indiana University professor of medicine Richard M. Frankel, PhD. Internationally respected for his contributions and achievements in fostering humanism in medical education, practice and…
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