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Beyond the EMR

Inefficient gathering, sharing, and use of information continues to be a significant challenge in healthcare. Regenstrief’s research and development in this field support Health Information Technology (HIT) solutions which not only improve information management systems and processes, but give providers and organizations opportunities to connect across all these different computerized systems. Being able to securely exchange information quickly won’t just make healthcare more efficient; it has the potential to revolutionize care, and even save lives.

Regenstrief investigators created the Indiana Network for Patient Care, now managed by the Indiana Health Information Exchange. The INPC is the nation’s largest inter-organizational clinical data repository. We leverage the power of data from approximately 4.7 billion pieces of clinical data from over 14.7 million unique patients. Through this health information exchange we can create new tools and make connections across more systems to make sure all patients have access to the best care, and their providers have the information they need to deliver it.