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The right medicine for the best care

Regenstrief’s Drug Safety Informatics (DSI) Lab exists to further our understanding of how medications interact with each other, and what happens when a drug exits the controlled environment of clinical trials and enters the market and is impacted by variables of adherence. Researchers in the DSI Lab leverage a robust repository of patient data, sophisticated clinical information systems, and expertise in pharmacoepidemiology, data mining, and natural language processing to improve the identification and communication of drug safety issues.

Regenstrief’s unique end-to-end role in the health care environment allows DSI researchers to not only conduct pharmacovigilance studies using observational data, but to influence the collection of key information at the point-of-care to improve these studies.

Ongoing research includes analysis of patterns in adverse event labeling, delivery of customized drug safety information based on patient characteristics, identifying novel drug interactions through literature mining and clinical validation, testing of novel statistical methodologies for pharmacovigilance, design of context-aware drug interaction alerting systems, and applications of information visualization in drug safety.