Just as our aim is to integrate industry, research, engineering, and medicine to improve health, it takes much more than just one organization to transform healthcare.

Regenstrief Institute was created as a partner organization, supporting the Indiana University School of Medicine, embedded within the Marion County General Hospital, which later became Wishard Hospital and now Eskenazi Health, and supported by the Regenstrief Foundation.

We are only as successful as our relationships, as we all work together to create pathways to better health. These relationships have expanded over the last nearly 50 years to become a network of talented, mission-driven individuals, organizations and institutions, all focused on the goal of improving healthcare for all people. Our collaborators are our neighbors, in healthcare settings across the street, city, nation, and world. We are proud to honor them and express our gratitude for their continued support and partnership.

Within Regenstrief Institute, our investigators and staff work within and between three research centers as a part of our wide-ranging and interdisciplinary work to improve healthcare efficiency, equity, and effectiveness.

The Center for Biomedical Informatics

The Center for Health Services Research

The Indiana University Center for Aging Research