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Inquiry. Discovery. Development. Implementation. Curious minds. Compassionate hearts. Constant innovation.

These are the things all of us at Regenstrief Institute bring on a mission that has no end – to create pathways for better health. We come from many disciplines and backgrounds, united by a vision of a connected, efficient healthcare system which brings the latest advancements and discoveries to every care setting, every patient, everywhere.

Building tools and infrastructure, creating care models, and sharing and enabling research are the ways our dedicated faculty investigators and staff express our commitment to improving the lives of patients. It is the stories of those lives which fuel our pursuit of the best possible healthcare for all people. We invite you to learn more about them, and how you can join us in revolutionizing care.

Impact Stories

AMPATH – Health IT and a Global Partnership
Global Health Informatics
Applied HIT
AMPATH – Health IT and a Global Partnership
Regenstrief Investigators began working within AMPATH in 2004 to develop patient record keeping systems that both improved the quality of care delivered and measure the consortium’s overall progress and efficiency. The AMPATH medical record system (AMRS) is a centerpiece of AMPATH Informatics and is a cornerstone of the initiative.
Areas of Focus: Global Health Informatics, Applied HIT
Because every second counts – Stroke QUERI and Improved Outcomes for Veterans
Patient Safety
Because every second counts – Stroke QUERI and Improved Outcomes for Veterans
According to the CDC, every 40 seconds someone suffers from a stroke, which is the 5th leading cause of death in this country. In the weeks, months, even years following a stroke, people may experience lingering paralysis, numbness or pain, speech or cognitive impairments, or depression. While some make a full recovery, others will have […]
Areas of Focus: Patient Safety