John T. Finnell, MD, MSC

John T. Finnell, MD, MSC

  • Research Scientist, Center for Biomedical Informatics
  • Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Director, Medical Informatics Fellowship, Regenstrief Institute, Inc.

Dr. JT Finnell’s interests lie in the optimization of emergency care through the application of biomedical informatics principles.

One of his electronic health record (EHR) projects was highlighted nationally and at the federal level as a prime example of how informatics can alter care and improve outcomes. In order to help curb narcotic prescribing, he worked with SAMSHA and MITRE to connect Indiana’s PDMP (INSPECT) to the EHR. Upon registration into a participating INPC hospital, Careweb would be updated with a fresh INSPECT report. This report was then quantified – giving a score to the report which could be used as part of a clinical decision support system.

JT is currently the Clinical Informatics Fellowship Program Director. Clinical Informatics is a new subspecialty board within the house of medicine. This ACGME two year program trains clinicians from all specialties in applied informatics. Graduates from these programs often play leadership roles within an institution with the ultimate goal of becoming a CMIO.

“Health care is information rich – and providers need access to a complex data set while providing care for their patients.”