Translating Discovery into Clinical Practice

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It takes a billion dollars and seventeen years to affect a clinical change for just one percent of the population. Good research findings rest on the shelves, waiting to be picked up and implemented while patients continue to be sick.

The Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science (CHIIS) exists to move evidence-based practice quickly from the bookshelf to the bedside and to facilitate innovation to improve health care for all.

Current CHIIS projects:

Graduate Certificate in Health Innovation & Implementation Science

  • Designed for working clinicians and health care administrators
  • Online courses plus 1 weekend per month on campus
  • Only 12 months to complete

CHIIS Services for Scientists, clinicians and health care systems

Great Lakes Practice Transformation Network (GLPTN)

  • The GLPTN is a $46.4 million grant led by the CHIIS to transform practices to value-based care. Find out more about the CHIIS GLPTN grant at

Regenstrief Center

  • Center for Aging Research