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The Regenstrief Data Core is a central point of access for data from the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC) and other specialized sources. Data Core analysts assist investigators with a mission to transform data into knowledge to improve patient care and a vision to provide efficient facilitation of research questions from inception to clinical practice.

The Data Core provides an array of services while ensuring the safe keeping and handling of protected health information (PHI).

The Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE), one of the largest in the country, manages the INPC, which houses more than 18 million individual patients over 30 years and captures approximately two thirds of Indiana’s population. Data elements include admission and discharge data, lab reports, microbiology, pathology, radiology, cardiology, and EKG data. Regenstrief Institute has exclusive access to the research database, the INPCR, a resource nearly unparalleled for clinical research around the world.

Services Provided by Data Core (fees apply for non-feasibility requests):

  • feasibility counts preparatory to research
  • data extraction from structured electronic health records (EHR)
  • utilization of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to search unstructured clinical text
  • delivery of customizable and clean data sets
  • creation and management of REDCap databases
  • identification of patients for recruitment purposes via ResNet
  • ability to match external patients to data sources
  • summary statistics
  • expertise in study planning and implementation
  • protocol compliance and guidance for data security
  • Collaboration with Indiana CTSI research resources:
    • Biostatistics – Centralized access for investigators to biostatistics and bioinformatics programs
    • Indiana Biobank– Access to biological samples and electronic medical information
    • ResNet – Assists in identifying patients, standardizing methods for recruitment, and actual recruitment of participants

Data Sources Available

The Indiana Network for Patient Care research database (INPCR) represents over 100 separate healthcare entities providing data which includes: major hospitals, health networks, and insurance providers.

When combined, the information from these institutions represent data on over  10 billion clinical observations, 951 million encounter records, and over 147 million mineable text reports. In addition to these clinic aspects, the INPCR receives data on drugs that have been prescribed to patients within its various institutions.

Per the INPC terms and conditions agreement, the Regenstrief Data Core acts as the custodian of these records and only they are allowed direct access to the identifiable patient data contained within the INPC research database. Within the structured data, the INPC has several ways to string data across years, institutions, between patients, and even with outside data sources. In addition, the Data Core can use a natural language processing tool developed by Regenstrief’s own Center for Biomedical Informatics to parse text notes from INPC and extract data elements that would not otherwise be available via structured data.

Eskenazi Health and Indiana University Health Data Warehouses
In addition to INPC data, the Regenstrief Data Core has business agreements in place with Eskenazi Health and IU Heath to access their patient data for approved research purposes, allowing access to greater variety and depth of clinical data than that which is contributed to the INPC database.

Indiana State Cancer Registry
The Regenstrief Data Core also has access to data from the Indiana State Cancer Registry at the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), which contains all confirmed cancer cases of malignant disease and other tumors and precancerous diseases that are diagnosed or treated in Indiana, as required by state statute (IC 16-38-2).


Access to the Indiana Network for Patient Care, Eskenazi Health, Indiana University Health, and the Indiana State Department of Health Cancer Registry positions the Data Core to skillfully assist in a wide variety of research areas.

Need preliminary data for a grant? Request aggregate counts preparatory to research here, provided at no cost to Regenstrief and Indiana CTSI member investigators.

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