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Program Plan

The LHS-K12 Training Program will be developed and implemented under the leadership of the Program Directors (Carroll/Embi), the LHS-K12 Executive Committee, and the Advisory Board (See Figure 1). The Program Directors and the Executive Committee will partner with our identified LHS primary mentors as well as the LHS Expert Panel, two of the cornerstones of our Career Development Plan for LHS-K12 Scholars. Each LHS-K12 scholar will be assigned two primary mentors, one from the research domain and one from the health system, who will oversee the scholar’s training curriculum and work closely with them on their experiential LHS Research Project, a required component of the LHS-K12 program. The LHS Expert Panel will supplement the guidance provided by the primary mentors, provide strong networking relationships for the scholar, and increase the depth of expertise, diversity, and views to which a scholar has access.