April 20, 2020

Regenstrief VP provides perspective and analysis on COVID-19 data

Regenstrief Vice President for Data and Analytics Shaun Grannis, M.D., is helping Hoosiers understand the data used to track the COVID-19 virus.

In a series of interviews with FOX59 and CBS4, Dr. Grannis explained predictive modeling, including the information that was used to create the projections and why those projections are constantly changing. He also gave perspective on what these models mean for Hoosiers and provided insight on the effort to gather more data to better understand the characteristics of individuals who are coming down with the virus.

Predicting Indiana’s surge

Predictive model backs down on Indiana death expectations

COVID-19 hits Indiana minorities at higher rate

Dr. Grannis also spoke to the Indianapolis Business Journal about Regenstrief’s work with the Indiana Health Information Exchange related to COVID-19.

Researchers scour COVID-19 data to find peak

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