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Clinical Research Degrees

Indiana CTSI’S Career Development, Education and Research Training

Clinical Investigator and Translational Education Program

Indiana University’s Clinical Investigator and Translational Education (CITE) Program, funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health, was developed to train certified/licensed health care professionals seeking advanced training in clinical/translational research. Potential trainees will have completed (or be in the process of completing) a doctoral degree (e.g., MD, DNS, DDS, PhD), and be certified or licensed to practice in a specific health-care profession, e.g., as physicians, nurses, dentists, or allied health care professionals.

The CITE program offers a Master of Science in Clinical Research degree conferred by the Indiana University Graduate School.  This special MS program allows enrollees to complete didactic coursework along with research in one’s own discipline.

The program also offers a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research.  Individuals in the certificate program take fewer courses and exclude the research requirement.  In addition, a PhD Minor in Clinical Research is also available.

For detailed information on academic programs, please contact:

Jean F. Donlan
Indiana CTSI Education Program Coordinator
(317) 278-2836

Career Development Award Opportunities

Indiana Clinical Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) offers limited award funding to postdoctoral tenure-track junior faculty members (KL2), predoctoral students (TL1) and postdoctoral fellows (TL1) engaged in clinical or translational research. Candidates must be able to identify co-mentors, who are faculty scientists from two different disciplines (preferably a clinician-scientist and a PhD scientist). Trainees are funded for a two-year period, with the second year being contingent on adequate progress in year one.

For additional information on career award opportunities, please contact:

Patricia C. McGuire
Indiana CTSI Education Program Manager
(317) 278-2824

For detailed information on the programs above, please visit the “Training and Education” link on the Indiana CTSI website at