Health Services Research (HSR) Fellowships & Training

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HSR faculty mentors are committed to the professional development of early-career scientists and fellows who will innovate and lead in the science of continually improving healthcare delivery systems and health outcomes for all patients. Four postgraduate fellowships offer advanced training in Medical Informatics, Patient Safety, VA Learning Health Systems, and Health Disparities and Equity Research.

Learn about each unique training pathway.

Health Disparities and Equity Research Fellowship

to conduct research focused on improving health equity and understanding the fundamental causes of health disparities

Medical Informatics Fellowship

to prepare graduates for careers in medical informatics, with particular research skills in health information exchange, health care analytics, human-computer interaction, and patient-physician communication

VA HSR&D Advanced Fellowship in the VA Learning Health System

to develop the skills of the VA HSR&D embedded workforce to conduct rigorous research of the VHA LHS, to foster systematic improvements in areas prioritized by VHA leadership, and to improve Veteran health and wellbeing

Hosted in two unique research environments and networked to a vibrant community of research scholars from the Indiana University School of Medicine, the Regenstrief Institute and the entire Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis campus, learn more below about the HSR Fellowship & Training Program.

Faculty Leadership

Dr. Teresa Damush Dr. Teresa Damush

Teresa Damush, PhD

VA Learning Health Systems Fellowship Co-Director
Senior Research Professor of Medicine, IU School of Medicine

Leading in the design, implementation, and evaluation of patient-centered programs in both primary and specialty care

David A. Haggstrom, MD, MAS David A. Haggstrom, MD, MAS

David Haggstrom, MD, MAS

Medical Informatics Fellowship Director
Associate Professor of Medicine, IU School of Medicine

Leading in measurement and improvement of the quality of health care delivery across the cancer continuum and including personal health records and portals, clinical decision making, and cancer survivorship

Marianne S. Matthias, PhD Marianne S. Matthias, PhD

Marianne Matthias, PhD

Patient Safety Fellowship Co-Director
VA Learning Health Systems Fellowship Co-Director
Senior Research Professor of Medicine, IU School of Medicine

Leading in relationship-centered care and its effect on health care processes and outcomes, patient-provider communication, patient activation, and clinical decision making

LeeAnn Cox, MD LeeAnn Cox, MD

LeeAnn Cox, MD

Patient Safety Fellowship Co-Director
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, IU School of Medicine

Hospitalist at the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs


  • United States Citizenship or permanent resident
  • Completion of a terminal degree (PhD, MD, PharmD, PsyD, PhD, DNS, or EdD)
    • See each full description for each fellowship to determine specific degree requirements
  • Demonstrated interest in the fellowship training core

Current Fellows

  • Signe Braafladt, MD — 2022-2024, Surgical Health Services Research Fellowship
  • Jill Inderstrodt, PhD, MPH — 2021-2023, VA Medical Informatics Fellowship
  • Parth Patel, PharmD — 2021-2022, VA Patient Safety Fellowship

HSR Fellowship Alumni


  • Patricia Ebright, PhD, CNS, RN, FAAN — 2004-05 VA Medical Informatics Fellow
  • Mindy Flanagan, PhD — 2005-06 VA Medical Informatics Fellow
  • Karen Chang, PhD, RN — 2005-07 VA Medical Informatics Fellow
  • Laura Jones Myers, PhD — 2006-08 VA Medical Informatics Fellow
  • Eric Sherer, PhD — 2008-10 VA Medical Informatics Fellow
  • Nareesa Mohammed-Rajput, MD, MPH, FACP — 2009-10 VA Medical Informatics Fellow
  • Thomas A. Carr, MD — 2011-13 VA Medical Informatics Fellow
  • Cherie Luckhurst, PhD — 2016-2018 VA Medical Informatics Fellow
  • Khoa A. Nguyen, PharmD — 2015-18 VA Medical Informatics Fellow
  • Sarah Shue, PhD — 2019-21 VA Medical Informatics Fellow
  • Maya Story, PhD — 2020-2022 VA Medical Informatics Fellow


  • Theresa Bayt, MD — 2007-08 VA Physician Post-Residency Fellow


  • Catherine Amber Welsh — 2007-08 VA Patient Safety Fellow
  • Andrew Carlstrom, MS — 2010-11 VA Patient Safety Fellow
  • Elizabeth Sternke, PhD — 2011-2013 VA Patient Safety Fellow
  • Siying “CiCi” Chen, PharmD — 2011-2012 VA Patient Safety Fellow
  • Rohit Das, MD, MPH —
    2016-2018 VA Patient Safety Fellow


  • Jeanne Ballard, MD, FACOG — 2011-13 Indiana HSR Fellow
  • Jason Cadwallader, MD — 2011-13 Indiana HSR Fellow
  • Tammy Toscos, PhD — 2011-13 Indiana HSR Fellow
  • Alicia Bergman, PhD — 2009-11 Indiana HSR Fellow
  • Po-Ching DeLaurentis, PhD — 2009-11 Indiana HSR Fellow


  • Shelley Johns, PsyD, ABPP — 2009-12 IUSN/Walther Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Jennifer Bernat, PhD — 2013-15 IUSN R25 Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Will S. Tarver, MLS, DrPH — 2015-16 IUSN R25 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Regenstrief HSR Fellowship
  • Himani Aggarwal, PhD — 2012-15 Regenstrief HSR Post-Doctoral Fellow, Health Economics


M’an Abdullah, MD — 2004-06 VA Ambulatory Care Fellow


  • Arlene Schmid, PhD, OTR, FAOTA — 2005-06 VA Associated Health Fellow
  • Marianne Matthias, PhD — 2007-08 VA Associated Health Fellow
  • Alissa L. Russ, PhD — 2007-09 VA Associated Health Fellow
  • Kathleen Abrahamson, PhD, RN  — 2008-09 VA Associated Health Fellow
  • Rebekah Fox, PhD — 2008-09 VA Associated Health Fellow
  • Elaine Lipscomb, PhD — 2008-10 VA Associated Health Fellow<
  • Amanda Kobylinski, PharmD — 2011-12 VA Associated Health Fellow
  • Marina Kukla, PhD — 2010-12 VA Associated Health Fellow
  • Alicia Bergman, PhD — 2011-13 VA Associated Health Fellow
  • Samantha Outcalt, PhD — 2011-13 VA Associated Health Fellow
  • Johanne Eliacin, PhD — 2012-13 VA Associated Health Fellow
  • Sally Wasmuth, PhD — 2013-15 VA Associated Health Fellow
  • Nicholas Rattray, PhD — 2014-15 VA Associated Health Fellow