January 18, 2022

Anna Williams

Anna Williams

Mission and Values:

Anna guides her team and other teams in IUCAR to be inquisitive and seek solutions. She actively seeks opportunities to improve her research skills and shares her insights with others to foster their growth.

Team Work:

Anna participates on several different Center and Institute teams with one goal being to work more effectively with others and share ideas. She generously shares information and mentors others to assist with their professional development.

Impact/Culture building:

Anna is committed to developing a culture that values excellence and equity. She leads by example and is one of the hardest workers I have known. She is also extremely efficient and helps her teams develop more efficient models of work.


Anna is in her early development as a leader yet has demonstrated skills beyond her experience. I think her attention to effective communication is one of her skills that sets her apart from other leaders. And, she models continuous learning by engaging in it with her team members.