January 7, 2021

Brian Dixon

Brian Dixon

Demonstrated Dedication to RI mission and values:

The RI mission is “to connect and innovate for better health”. The vision is “a world where better information empowers people to end disease and realize true health”. Dr. Dixon’s work related to the COVID-19 pandemic could not line up more closely with the RI mission and vision. Despite having an already full load of teaching, mentorship, and research responsibilities, Brian has taken on another full role of being a leading COVID-19 expert and researcher. He is frequently meeting with leading health officials from ISDH and MCPHD to provide data, expertise, and insights to allow them to make better policy decisions. Public health decisions based on data are truly critical during this time.

Significant positive impact to Regenstrief:

Through his hard work and dedication to the RI mission & values, Dr. Dixon has increased the state, nation, and even global recognition of the Regenstrief Institute. Brian currently conducts an average of 3 interviews per week with local and statewide news organizations to provide insights related to COVID-19. Since February 26 (through 12/15) he has literally conducted 200 interviews related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Through projects such as the dashboard work, developing predictive models of the outbreak, randomized statewide testing, and coordinating with local and state public health officials, Brian has increased name recognition both among the general public, public health officers, healthcare providers across the state. Brian’s work has also generated nation-wide and global interest in the Regenstrief Institute, through publications related to COVID-19 work at Regenstrief. Additionally, Brian conducted a survey related to COVID-19 symptoms & risk behaviors that was distributed globally and had more than 100,000 respondents from all across the world.

Exceptional team work/collaboration/customer service orientation & Excellent formal or informal leadership:

All of the above is more than enough of a reason why Dr. Dixon has earned the 2020 One Regenstrief Award, however, it is worth noting that he also displays exceptional teamwork and excellent formal and informal leadership. Brian’s past work in different roles at Regenstrief means that he works well with a Regenstrief team. He can clearly describe the work and challenges the team will face. He is kind and patient with team members. He is devoted to playing his part (and often several others) to make the entire team a success. Additionally, despite how busy he is, he always makes time for mentorship of students and staff who show interest.

2020 has been a challenging year for us all. It became obvious in February that it could be a difficult and busy year for our public health team. With Brian’s calm leadership and guidance, our team has been able to weather this storm and even consider it a very successful year. Brian is a delight to work with and for and could not be more deserving of the 2020 One Regenstrief Award.