December 30, 2021

Sarah Vitelli

Sarah Vitelli is a Research Assistant II on the Brain Safe and R2D2 studies. Since initiating her employment just over a year ago, Sarah has become an integral part of the Brain Safety Lab. She consistently exceeds recruitment and retention goals every month. Sarah is a star recruiter and someone the entire team has been able to rely on for assistance. She has been called on to share her organizational style with co-workers to help align their schedules and processes for success. Sarah has proven to be a problem solver and tackles every task she takes on with accuracy and perfection. After completing a brief bootcamp on Agile Implementation, a process employed by our team for improving workflow and efficiency of operations, Sarah created an impressive presentation to share with her coworkers. She works daily to learn and apply these techniques to her recruitment style. Sarah has met and exceeded every aspect of her job, and she strives for more. When there is a need on our team, Sarah is typically there to say, “I think I can do that,” and she does! When Sarah takes on a task, you can rest assured it will be completed on time and better than expected. When she takes on a new task, it doesn’t take away from her existing work, and she is constantly improving on existing tasks rather than falling behind on her current workload.

Sarah deserves to be recognized for her can-do attitude, and going BEYOND above and beyond for the success of our team. Sarah can be described as a “hero” amongst our team due to her heroic efforts in recruitment, follow-up data collection, taking on special projects to improve efficiency, helping fellow teammates with scheduling conflicts, and even training new employees on our recruitment and retention processes.

As an example of our trust and appreciation in Sarah, she has been identified as the RA to bridge recruitment procedures in a completely new recruitment environment in 2022. The skills required for this role are strong communication, adaptability, and reliability; thus, Sarah’s performance throughout her time with our team provides evidence that she is the exact person that will support our recruitment success in a new environment. These same reasons serve as the basis for our nominations, and we are fully confident in her candidacy for this award.

Besides being an outstanding employee, Sarah is an outstanding person who is a goal setter and a goal achiever at her job and in her personal life. Sarah has completed at least two marathons, and is gearing up for her next one this spring.  Sarah is a quiet observer who chooses to let her work speak for her, and it speaks VOLUMES!