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The Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform is a cutting-edge, educational content delivery, and critical evaluation tool designed for health professionals. Using mis- and de-identified real patient data, the Clinical Learning Platform allows learning in realistic clinical scenarios that will vastly improve education in clinical informatics, health system delivery science, and population health.

This tool not only prepares students for residencies with curriculum using more than 10,000 de-identified patient records in a safe and secure learning environment. It also provides evaluation tools and visual dashboards which measure students’ practical and critical thinking skills within the EHR and CPOE.

Students get access to the same tools used by providers in clinical practice. The Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform is built from our own Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified EHR.

Currently, over 60 clinicians and researchers at the institute have made themselves available to advise on strategy, curriculum, technology, and healthcare advancements for the Clinical Learning Platform. Contact us if you are planning to add to your curriculum to make enhancements in these areas:

  • Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs)
  • Clinical Informatics
  • Standardized Terminologies (e.g. ICD9/10, Snomed, LOINC)
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Health System Delivery Science (e.g. Quality Improvement)
  • Evidenced-Based Care/Practice
  • Population/Registry Management
  • Team/Interdisciplinary Care
  • Professionalism & Critical Thinking
  • Process Improvement

Visit to test drive the platform, request a demo, or see a sample curriculum. Join our community and stay up to date on the latest news and updates from the team!