The State of Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA), in partnership with the state’s Management Performance Hub (MPH), proposes to de-identify a substantial amount of Indiana Medicaid healthcare information and release it to the public, with the goal of demonstrating its potential usefulness in Population Health.

In conjunction with this effort, the Indiana Chapter of HIMSS is pleased to present the 2017 Indiana Medicaid Data Challenge, to spark the interest and ecosystem to leverage this unprecedented level and quality of de-identified healthcare information. At this event, hosted by Regenstrief Institute , teams will compete to develop and to demonstrate the most innovative and impactful utilization of this data.

Population Health


  • Addresses the health status and health issues of an aggregate population.
  • Seeks to identify ways in which communities, healthcare providers and public health organizations can allocate resources to overcome the problems that drive poor health conditions in the population. 

One of the most important tools in Population Health is data. Healthcare information from statistically significant samples of a population can be analyzed for correlations, patterns, trends and other indicators. These then can be further analyzed to identify risk factors and potential interventions for the most serious threats to a population’s health.


The 2017 Indiana Medicaid Data Challenge will:

  • Serve as a prototype and model for similar events at state and national levels.
  • Facilitate and encourage front-line healthcare-workers to benefit from similar analyses and applications of such.
  • Foster ubiquitous awareness and ongoing conversation about healthcare data and technology across a wide audience.

Please visit the Indiana HIMMS Chapter website for full event information, rules, and registration. This is a FREE event.

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