One of the core values at Regenstrief is cultivating and participating in a vibrant, innovative, robust community. As a people-centered organization, we believe this means sharing knowledge, both with our partners and in a learning environment, taking part in global and national conversations about pressing healthcare issues and informing policy decisions, and being an active member of our local community.

From encouraging workplace wellness, welcoming visitors to our new headquarters, annual and ongoing charitable giving and volunteering opportunities to promoting more unity within the institute and in our local community in Indianapolis, Regenstrief seeks to be a good neighbor and an asset to all we serve.

Regenstrief is proud to participate in the following community initiatives:

The Indiana Sports Corp. Corporate Challenge
Annual Blood Drive
Annual Holiday Fund

We also support our team through Regenstrief Innovations (faculty and staff projects), offer Personal Finance Lunch & Learn and Step Challenge, bi-monthly delivery of fresh fruit for Regenstrief employees from Green Bean Delivery, and annual mobile health screenings.

Our core funding, along with generous support for our innovation projects and new headquarters, has come from the Regenstrief Foundation.