April 1, 2020

COVID Test Results

COVID Test Results

Information above includes COVID-19 specific tests that were resulted beginning March 1, 2020. Up to July 25, 2020, these testing numbers represented exclusively the private and public laboratory results that we received and we could match to individuals in the INPC data resource. As noted, these results did not include some lab tests that haven’t been incorporated into the INPC.

As of July 25, 2020, we have augmented our numbers with additional testing data obtained from the Indiana State Department of Health. As we work to fully integrate and match these new data into the INPC, we have added a new row of testing information to the dashboard to clarify the differences between these data.

The first row of testing data, indicated by “Indiana,” represents testing information we are aware of that includes people who live in Indiana. The second row of testing data, indicated by “INPC,” represents what we have been displaying since March, and includes that subset that is already incorporated into the INPC data resource.

Until we completely incorporate all of the new data into the INPC, the testing map, and graphs continue to reflect only those data that are presently in the INPC data resource.

Dates for these tests indicate when results are received, not when testing was performed. Even with the enhancements indicated above, these results may still not yet include some lab tests performed and available across the State. We continue working daily to augment these data, so the numbers above may change as additional data become available.

As always, the official test result figures for the State of Indiana are available on the State’s COVID dashboard, which can be found here.