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The Industry Research Office (IndRO) facilitates and supports industry-funded research partnerships leveraging Regenstrief’s extensive resources.

IndRO excels at managing collaborative scientific research partnerships between an academic institute and industry sponsors. We leverage the nation’s oldest and largest health information exchange, innovative data analytics, and the expertise of faculty and researchers who are national leaders in their fields to produce quality, un-biased research that meets both the business needs of the sponsor and Regenstrief’s mission of creating pathways for better health.

Through IndRO, Regenstrief is seeking opportunities to collaborate with industry partners in areas including outcomes research, patient recruitment and management support, descriptive clinical and demographic studies, protocol compliance, study planning and implementation. IndRO will work with potential partners to smoothly and efficiently design and execute innovative projects leveraging Regenstrief’s scientific expertise, data resources, and cutting-edge tools.

Regenstrief established the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC), one of the nation’s oldest and most comprehensive Health Information Exchanges, and currently supports academic research using this data. The INPC includes clinical data from 103 Indiana hospitals, 41 core hospital systems, 60 community clinics, and the state and local public health departments.

Each participating institution provides common data elements, which can include inpatient admission/discharge information; outpatient visit information; laboratory values; microbiology, pathology, radiology, and cardiology reports; and transcription. The INPC currently has over 900 million encounter events for over 16 million unique patients.

Along with Big Data, IndRO offers additional resources for our industry partners.

Innovative Analysis
Regenstrief, in conjunction with the Indiana University Department of Biostatistics, offers analytical support for research projects utilizing data in the INPC and other clinical and research data repositories. The PhD-level Biostatisticians working with IndRO have expertise in causal inference, longitudinal data analysis, and non-parametric regression, and have developed state-of-the-art models for analyzing observational data.

Cutting-Edge Tools
Regenstrief developers have expertise in multiple areas within health informatics, and offer a variety of products and services to industry partners, including the following:

The Regenstrief Patient List Generator (RPG) is a population health query tool designed for use by providers, quality departments, administrators and researchers. The RPG is capable of producing lists of patients for any participating INPC institution and can be generalized to support custom implementations of non-INPC data.

Regenstrief has developed innovative natural language processing and text mining capabilities that enable the extraction of structured data from text reports such as clinical notes, discharge summaries, and radiology and pathology reports found in patient records.

Let’s create paths to better health together. If you would like to explore a research partnership with Regenstrief Institute, please contact Jennifer Gatz to find out more.

Jennifer Gatz, PhD
Director, Industry Research Office