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Rule Authoring and Validation Environment (RAVE) enables users to create clinical automation based on patient activity. With RAVE, you can build simple or complex if/then rules that can execute on events within the EHR or in real-time. You can mix-and-match a variety of “conditions” and “actions,” and go from rule creation to product deployment in minutes.

RAVE helps in the following areas:

  • Quickly and easily build complex rules with intuitive user experience
  • Identify and take action on individual patients for clinical operations, safety, or quality purposes
  • Run rules on a wide range of patient characteristics, including demographics, problems, medications, allergies, encounters, visits, and appointments
  • COMING SOON: Link into your EHR’s alerting system to fire rules at the right time, for the right providers

RAVE helps physicians, care teams, and administrators reap the benefits of clinical automation.

To learn more about RAVE and what clinical automation can do for you, please contact:

Center for Biomedical Informatics