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What if there were a way for doctors to easily and effectively track the general symptoms of their patients over time? What if this tracking included input from a loved one, to get a better picture of true wellness? SymTrak hopes to answer these questions by creating a questionnaire to do just that. This set of questions will be filled out by patients and their caregivers while they’re in the waiting area of a doctor’s office. Collected in bulk, the SymTrak will allow doctors an exciting new way to track the symptoms not just of individual patients, but also overall needs of their populations.

SymTrak will be rolled out in three phases:

Phase I: 6 Focus Groups of Patients and Caregivers, 4 Physician/RN Focus Groups, 2 CCA Focus Groups (Completed 2/14)

Phase II: 40 Individuals, 40 Patient/Caregiver Pairs were approached for testing in clinic (Completed 5/14)

Phase III: 200 Individuals, 200 Patient/Caregiver Pairs completed phone versions of Symtrak and other questionnaires for validation. 60 Patients and 60 Patient/Caregiver Pairs were randomized to complete a 24 hour retest of their phone interviews. (Recruitment Completed 3/16)

Regenstrief Center

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