How does it work?

The goal of nDepth™ is to bring meaningful clinical content to your fingertips through simple exploration of rich data in order to improve patient care, clinical research, quality assessment and improvement initiatives.

To do this, nDepth indexes and searches vast collections of data for indicators hidden in free-text. These indicators, called phenotypes, are a set of characteristics that identify a specific condition or population.

Creating phenotypes starts with using clinical text search to easily locate rich data.

How it works

Expanding the results using synonyms quickly expands query results.

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Context Matters.


Advanced Text Analytics breaks down the textual data into usable insights. NLP identifies key information critical for context, like negation. nDepth helps to discover not only the key concepts within the sentence structure, but who it’s about (experiencer), when it happened (temporality), and whether it happened to the experiencer (negation).

So does accuracy.

nDepth uses a built-in validation module to create surveys for assessing your queries. Custom questions can be built in minutes and randomized reports are assigned to team members to validate accuracy. This is a key step in the iterative process of developing and refining phenotypes and nDepth makes this simple, and easy for all users.

What can nDepth do for you?