Uppstroms is a portfolio of precise tools that enables modern healthcare to align proactive resources toward proven action on social determinants of health.

Aligning proactive solutions into proven action

Using machine learning to create predictive models, Uppstroms gives healthcare providers timely information in the right setting and context, allowing them to identify the highest risk patients and connect them to vital services such as social work, behavioral health, dietitians, legal resources and more. It is used in primary care clinics on a daily basis.

Insight at the Point of Care

Uppstroms serves financially at risk healthcare organizations by enabling clinical team members such as social workers to take preemptive action on behalf of specifically targeted patients upstream of disease development and resource utilization.


decrease in hospital admissions
decrease in no-shows
cost reductions per patient

Award Winning Approach

Proven through Research

Authors: Joshua R. Vest, Lisa E. Harris, Dawn P. Haut, Paul K. Halverson, and Nir Menachemi

Authors: Suranga N Kasthurirathne, Joshua R Vest, Nir Menachemi, Paul K Halverson, Shaun J Grannis

Authors: Joshua R.Vest, Nir Menachemi, Shaun J. Grannis, Jennifer L.Ferrell, Suranga N. Kasthurirathne, Ying Zhang, Yan Tong, Paul K. Halverson