Regenstrief: a National and Global Asset

“Regenstrief and Indiana have been instrumental in helping all of us get a better sense of what are the abilities and the benefits that one can get from electronic health record information, from health information technology and from the higher-level purposes that one might be able to do from that data.”

Regenstrief's Impact on Healthcare Interoperability

“The work that Regenstrief has done with LOINC® continues to be a critical pillar of the entire healthcare system — again, not just in the U.S. but around the world. Those are things that are really important that we try to elevate up, to sort of help to inform national policy.”

Academic Health Systems Can Raise the Bar

“There are certain things that I think ought to be a part of standards of care, which are aside from just informatics. … I think the academic medical centers can play a leading role in getting everyone else to come along by exhibiting that exemplary behavior.”

Balancing Local Needs and National Health IT Standards

“The underlying fragmentation in almost every part of our healthcare system I think is one of the root causes of the issues that we have in the healthcare system, and health IT is not any different.”

Powerful Contributions to U.S. Health IT

“We rely on Regenstrief a lot, I think, as a country and certainly ONC, to provide us with really deep technical expertise. And I think that what separates Regenstrief from almost any other organization I can think of is the combination of having top experts in the field but also access to an enormous corpus of real data.”