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Health equity through information technology

By design, our Global Health Informatics Program is comprised of individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. We are deliberately external facing in our collaborations. By working with colleagues around the world, we support the development and implementation of an increasingly well-defined set of principles, approaches, and open technologies designed for use in resource-limited settings.

With Regenstrief’s strong international reputation, we are often asked to spearhead new health informatics communities of practice that support our mission and vision. We believe these communities foster innovation, build local capacity, and provide the frameworks and ecosystems that empower emerging economies to develop and support themselves. Regenstrief’s GHI program has a fundamental role to play in creating, leading, and participating in these communities of practice. We currently lead two of these open source communities of practice which are committed to empowerment and equity: OpenMRS, and OpenHIE. Our devotion to these two communities reflects our belief that global health informatics is an essential component to community wellness and transformation.

To achieve health equity for resource constrained communities through health information technologies.

A world where health information technology directly contributes to the sustained elimination of global health disparities.

We engage in global collaboration with people with diverse talents and backgrounds who are solving problems in health care.

Transparency and sharing are our guiding principles as we make our knowledge, resources, programs, and tools available to all.

Those we serve are our teachers.

Our stakeholders build local capacity as they develop, implement, and maintain effective health information systems.

We work with innovators outside and within underserved communities to eliminate health inequities.


A Global Framework for Health Information Exchange