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image of a doctor using electronic health record overlaid with IHS logoWhile Regenstrief Institute’s Global Health Informatics (GHI) team is well known in many parts of the world for its expertise in developing open technologies in solidarity with health practitioners in resource-constrained environments, this project focuses on an underserved population within the United States.

Evaluating an HIT System

The work is designed to help answer the question: What is the most appropriate next step for the electronic health records of American Indians and Alaskan Natives managed by Indian Health Service?

Guided by tribal leadership and input, the Global Health Informatics team is identifying options for health IT solutions, using internal as well as external expertise to provide guidance to Indian Health Service and tribal leaders on next steps.

Critical components of this research will include:

  • Establishing and appropriately using an advisory panel
  • Conducting appropriate and in-depth IT assessments at multiple healthcare facilities
  • Conducting an in-depth IT analysis of the current HIT solution
  • Identifying and evaluating solution alternatives to be considered
  • Establishing a community of practice to share best practices
  • Developing a draft roadmap and strategy (including governance recommendations) to meet the IT needs of tribes that are served by the Indian Health Service

The current collaboration brings together a team of subject matter experts with deep HIT knowledge and experience designed to assist in this evaluation and research.

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