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Daniel O. Clark, PhD

Daniel O. Clark, PhD

  • Research Scientist, Indiana University Center for Aging Research at Regenstrief Institute
  • Associate Professor, Indiana University School of Medicine

Dr. Daniel Clark is a medical sociologist. He conducts investigations of risk factors for adverse physical and cognitive function and designs and evaluates interventions to address those risk factors. Only 10 to 20 percent of health outcomes are attributable to what is traditionally defined as health care — therapies and treatments for conditions and diseases once they arise. Dr. Clark is focused on the other 80 plus percent of health outcomes, those due to what we are exposed to and those caused by what we do all day, commencing at birth.

Dr. Clark is particularly interested in primary prevention in high-risk populations. His focus has been on lifestyle interventions — including weight management, nutrition, and physical activity — that have been evaluated and implemented in federally qualified health centers.

“Dementia is not a normal part of aging, we need to find effective ways to ensure that the brain – that most complex of organs – remains healthy as we grow older.”