June 5, 2020

Regenstrief data expertise supporting Indiana government decisions on COVID-19

Regenstrief Institute research scientists have made significant contributions to Indiana’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, providing data and analysis on the virus to State leaders.

Early in the outbreak, Regenstrief began working with the Indiana State Department of Health to track COVID-19 cases through the Indiana Health Information Exchange. Regenstrief and its data-sharing partners created an interactive, public dashboard showcasing COVID-19 patients’ interactions with the healthcare system. The information includes hospitalizations and comorbidities, in addition to test results and demographics.

The data in the dashboard complements the information provided by the State Department of Health. The hospitalization data is one of the four principles that guide Indiana leaders in their reopening strategy. In addition to the data, Regenstrief experts also meet regularly with state officials to provide analysis on the statistics to help inform decisions.

Regenstrief faculty involved in this data-sharing project include President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Embí, M.D.; Vice President of Data and Analytics Shaun Grannis, M.D., M.S.; Director of Public Health Informatics Brian Dixon, PHD, MPA; and Research Scientist Nir Menachemi, PhD, MPH.

Partners in the data dashboard include Indiana State Department of HealthIndiana Family Social Services AdministrationIndiana Management Performance HubIndiana Health Information ExchangeIndiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health and Indiana University School of Medicine.

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