January 7, 2021

Connor McAndrews

Nominator #1:

I have worked with Connor on several projects, but most recently the COVID-19 Dashboard projects. Connor is an exceptionally dedicated Regenstrief team member, going above and beyond the reasonable call to ensure that this time sensitive work is completed as quickly and accurately as possible. While many team members of RDS have contributed to the success of these projects, Connor remains one of the key cornerstones of this successful project. Connor has essentially been working extended hours and has often been ‘on call’ on nights and weekends to respond to problems with the dashboards almost immediately since March. The early days of these dashboards (March-May) would not have been successful without his dedication and exceptional team work. An example of praise recently received (12/9) regarding Connor’s dedication, problem solving, and excellent customer service response times is included below from one of our close collaborators and beneficiaries of the COVID-19 Dashboards, Joe Gibson, Director of Epidemiology at the Marion County Health Department.

Nominator #2:

In March 2020, we were blindsided by a pandemic. Within a few weeks of this pandemic hitting the US, Regenstrief began working with partners across the state to develop dashboards providing the community with data and visualizations associated with COVID-19. From day one, Connor McAndrews worked day in and day out to develop, implement, and support the COVID dashboards. Over the past eight months he has spent countless late nights and weekend hours working on these dashboards. Connor’s support through this time has been unwavering, he has shown exemplary customer service and has been an absolute team player.

Nominator #3:

Connor spent the majority of 2020 working on the Regenstrief COVID dashboard – a task that no one could have predicted when the year began! This involved innumerable meetings, working with a variety of people (both internal and external), and quick turnarounds. Creating elaborate Tableau dashboards was not a regular job duty prior to the pandemic; Connor stepped up and made this happen with no hesitation and no complaints. In the earlier days of the dashboard, he was also dedicated to making sure the dashboard data refreshed on time, every day of the week. I believe Connor should be recognized for his excellent work, collaborative spirit, tirelessness, and skill in translating ideas into reality. He has worked hard and been incredibly flexible this year.

Nominator #4:

One of the most visible symbols of Regenstrief’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is the institute’s COVID dashboard. This dashboard is used by the media, by external partners, and by the public to track what is happening in Indiana regarding infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. This dashboard has really made Regenstrief a household name, and it has spurred significant interest from many partners and external parties. The man behind the curtain for the dashboard is Connor McAndrews. Connor was put in an impossible position at the start of the pandemic. Develop a complex dashboard rapidly for many external parties to use. And it needs to be done tomorrow. He stepped up in a HUGE way, working nights and weekends for two months to make the private (the one used by public health officials) and public dashboards work. Throughout the whole process, Connor never complained once (at least to the faculty leading the project) about the load, the stress, the challenge. He was professional, and he was willing to solve problems to make our ideas come to life on the dashboard. He spent hours researching how to make things work, and he spent more hours making them work. He contributed ideas on how to make things work, and he worked with external teams members we recruited to lend a hand to the effort. All while finishing his master’s degree. Phenomenal job!  For these many reasons, I believe he deserves this year’s One Regenstrief Award.