December 30, 2021

Evgenia Teal

Evgenia Teal

The past 18-24 months have been intense for Regenstrief Data Services. The number of requests received often outpaced capacity to work on them. However, Evgenia Teal consistently, methodically, and thoroughly went above and beyond to work on data tickets and to ensure the team kept above water. There are so many feasibilities and small projects that moved forward because of Evgenia.

On top of the increase in data requests, loss of analysts to resignation, and general stress of the pandemic, Data Services also experienced a lapse in access to Eskenazi Health data (for reasons outside RI control). Evgenia did an amazing job communicating with teams that were relying on data from Eskenazi and when access was finally restored several months later, she was organized and ready to begin querying immediately. Within a few hours of regaining access, teams were already receiving data sets.

Dr. Nate Apathy, who has Evgenia on his study team adds:

“Evgenia was super-communicative immediately following the outage, and continued to meet with me even when she didn’t have access to the database just to talk about query design. She kept us informed throughout the outage and was quick to inform us when access had been restored. Overall, Evgenia has been a great partner and huge asset for our team!”

Dr. Chris Harle adds:

“Evgenia has been a true partner (not just a service provider) throughout the study. Such partnership is critical to research data services that enable rigorous and impactful health services and informatics science.”

I honestly can’t think of how Data Services would have managed the past 18 months without Evgenia, and she did it all without being asked and without complaint. She knew what needed to be done and she did it.

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Evgenia is known to numerous investigators and study teams for her precision, speed and accuracy. Within the Data Core, she is known as someone who can and will take on anything – often adding more projects to her (always lengthy) queue of existing work. As we near the end of 2021, she has already closed out 112 tickets (projects or feasibility requests) of all shapes and sizes. Evgenia knows the data, she knows our customers and their needs, and she consistently brings it all together with efficiency and good humor. It’s impossible to overstate Evgenia’s enormous contribution to making so many projects succeed each year, and especially this year.