Decisions about Cancer Screening in Alzheimer’s Disease – DECAD

Elderly mother walking outside with adult daughter

Test the impact of a decision aid for mammograms to support decision making about breast cancer screening for older women with dementia. The decision aid is aimed at caregivers of women with dementia.

Women with AD and other forms of dementia, along with their caregivers, will be randomized to 2 study arms- one arm will receive a decision aid for mammography.

DECAD will enroll 426 patient-caregiver pairs.

Who is needed? Participants need to

  • Be female

Have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia

  • Be 75 years of age or older
  • Have a spouse, adult child, or Legal Authorized Representative that is a caregiver for the patient.

Length of study?

  • 24 months

The caregiver has three interviews

  • Interviews can be in person or over the phone and will ask questions about caregiving and making medical decisions for their loved one
  • Up to 24 months