This study aims to test an innovative supportive care model that integrates dementia care and palliative care in the community setting for patients with moderate to severe dementia and their primary caregiver compared to usual care.

Caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias will receive education materials specific to dementia. For those randomized to the intervention, a Dementia Care Coordinator offers support to family caregivers by addressing evolving patient symptoms and caregiver needs including advance care planning, avoiding burdensome treatments, navigating the hospital and hospice enrollment.

IN-PEACE will enroll 225 patient-caregiver pairs.

Patients eligible to sign up:

  • Age 65 or older with a doctor’s diagnosis of memory problems in the moderate to severe stages
  • Have a caregiver who will join the study
  • Don’t live in a nursing home
  • Live in the greater Indianapolis in a personal home or assisted living facility

Caregivers eligible sign up:

  • English-speaking
  • Live with the patient or have contact at least 2 times a week with one time in person
  • The primary caregiver helping patient


Two-Year Study:

Annual inperson interviews and Phone Interviews Every 3 Months

Patients will complete a memory activity annually. Caregiver will answer questions about patient symptoms and behaviors as well as caregiver response to caregiving. Interview may take place at doctor’s office or patient’s home.


Regenstrief Center

  • Center for Aging Research