Treating Obesity in At-Risk Patients

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The main objective for the randomized control trial (RCT) of Video-Conference and In-Person Weight Loss Services for Adult CHC Patients project is to identify effective methods of treating obesity in at-risk populations. A 2kg is associated with a 20% reduction in the 3 year risk of hypertension.

We will compare attendance and weight loss from usual care, in person, and video conference weight loss programs. We will follow 150 participants for 12 months to see if they lose and maintain 2kg of weight. We will also compare the costs of video conference versus in-person administered programs, and whether attendance was improved by video conference intervention administration.

The weight loss interventions involve group meetings two times per week where education, exercise, and social support are provided. Participants will also receive a detailed education booklet. Those randomized to the in-person group will meet in the Community Healthcare Clinic (CHC), exercise facility, community center, church, library, or similar organizational building. Those in the video-conference group will meet online in a multi-party video-conference. All participants will receive usual CHC care. A discussion group may be held to determine improvements and future directions of the study.


Recruitment is completed, and the intervention will be completed in July 2016.

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