The Covid-19 Research Data Commons (CoRDaCo) is an efficient, effective way of quickly generating datasets for Covid-19 related research. CoRDaCo integrates multiple sources of clinical and social determinants data into one central repository, which can be leveraged for many uses. Creating a curated collection of data elements specific to Covid-positive patients and stored in a structured way allows for rapid creation of study-specific data sets.

Additionally, creating this central repository allows for use of applications that will give researchers direct access to generate data sets.

CoRDaCo leverages Regenstrief’s unique access to clinical elements from a variety of sources, utilizing data from the health information exchange, state laboratory reporting, and direct access to the electronic health records of two health systems. Additionally, CoRDaCo includes variables from The POLIS Center‘s SAVI community information system.

If you would like to explore this data source for your research needs, please email for more details or submit a data request.

CoRDaCo Patients by Race

CoRDaCo Patients by Gender


The Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Cohort consists of more than half a million unique individuals with ICD9 or ICD10 codes for a traumatic brain injury with the index event occurring from years 2004-2018.

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TBI Patients by Race

TBI Patients by Gender