The Regenstrief Patient-list Generator (RPG) empowers non-technical users to find patients quickly and easily, rapidly searching discrete clinical data points in real-time without learning complex search patterns. The RPG then creates actionable lists to engage patients and provide timely, appropriate, and coordinated care.

The RPG is a population health query solution that enables healthcare administrators, quality teams, and providers to improve outcomes across safety, quality, clinical and operational domains.

The RPG is helping to transform care by identifying patients:

  • Overdue for routine screenings such as colonoscopy, mammograms, and pap smears
  • With abnormal test results who have not returned for a follow-up visit
  • With inadequately controlled hemoglobin a1c or blood pressure
  • With frequent ED or acute care visits

In addition to enabling providers to improve patient outcomes, the RPG makes it possible to obtain instant population health statistics without waiting for a data request. RPG allows you to easily modify user-defined criteria, with no programming experience required.

For more information about the RPG, please contact:

Regenstrief Center for Biomedical Informatics