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Public & Population Health Informatics (PHI) Fellowships

Public & Population Health Informatics (PHI) Fellowships

Would you like to:

  • improve the health and wellness of hundreds, thousands and, potentially, millions of patients using advanced analytics?
  • combat significant public health problems, such as the opioid, obesity or diabetes epidemics, using information technologies?
  • support the implementation of accountable care approaches that help coordinate healthcare delivery for large patient populations?

Why you should be in this program:

Public & Population Health Informatics…

  • applies the science of informatics to the growing needs of health systems and public health agencies to rapidly detect and study emergent phenomena;
  • identifies potential interventions to address health system challenges;
  • measures effectiveness of interventions designed to address those challenges; and
  • translates proven interventions into practice across health systems.

What you will learn:

Building on your existing skills and knowledge, you will learn things like:

  • managing and analyzing large datasets in healthcare or public health organizations;
  • developing and using analytical methods to address population health challenges;
  • translating basic and clinical research findings into operational population-based settings;
  • designing, developing and evaluating health IT programs and tools in PHI; and
  • using social and/or behavioral science disciplines (e.g., economics, sociology, psychology and applying concepts and methods from these disciplines and their applied counterparts (e.g., organizational behavior, human-computer interaction) to solve PHI problems.