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Public and Population Health Informatics Fellowship


The Indiana Training Program in Public & Population Health (PPH) Informatics is a fellowship program designed to educate and train the next generation of public health informaticians and is supported by the National Library of Medicine. The Program offers pre- and post-doctoral fellowships through the IU Fairbanks School of Public Health and leverages the Regenstrief Institute Public Health Informatics program to offer research opportunities.

Within the program, trainees work on projects such as:

• managing and analyzing large datasets in healthcare or public health organizations;
• developing and using analytical methods to address population health challenges;
• translating basic and clinical research findings into operational population-based settings;
• designing, developing and evaluating health IT programs and tools in PPH Informatics; and
• using social and/or behavioral science disciplines (e.g., economics, sociology, psychology and applying concepts and methods from these disciplines and their applied counterparts (e.g., organizational behavior, human-computer interaction) to solve PPH problems.


Pre-doctoral fellowship

  • Fellows will be actively enrolled in one of three PhD programs at the IU Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI
  • Trainees in all PhD tracks will conduct active PHI research with IU and Regenstrief Institute faculty in conjunction with health systems, local, state, and federal public health agencies.
  • Our National Library of Medicine grant covers tuition, health insurance, books, and travel expenses as well as provides a monthly stipend of $2,000 for living expenses.

Post-doctoral fellowship

  • Fellows will complete a customized plan of study in PPH Informatics while conducting research with faculty mentors at Indiana University and the Regenstrief Institute.
  • Training will include grant writing, teaching, and PPH service to prepare individuals for research-oriented careers.
  • Salary levels follow the NIH standard guidelines for post-doctoral fellows. Find more information here.




Eligibility & Application Information

Eligibility Requirements

Pre-doctoral candidates must be:

  • Admitted to the IU Fairbanks School of Public Health in a doctoral program in Epidemiology or Health Policy & Management, with a focus on public health informatics
  • U.S. citizens or permanent residents per NIH policy.

Post-doctoral candidates must:

  • Possess a doctoral degree in information science, computer science or health science (e.g., PhD, DrPH), or a doctorate in a clinical science (e.g., MD, DDS/DMD, PharmD)
  • Have a relevant background in public health research, information science, computer science, data science, or a clinical research background
  • Individuals with a background primarily in laboratory-based research are typically not appropriate candidates for this fellowship opportunity
  • Ideal candidates typically include those with a strong background in informatics, analytics, or public health
  • U.S. citizens or permanent residents per NIH policy.

For additional questions about eligibility, please submit an inquiry through our Contact Us form (right).

Application Information

Pre-doctoral Fellowship

Individuals interested in the pre-doctoral fellowship program will apply through SOPHAS when they apply for admission to the doctoral program with the Indiana University Fairbanks School of Public Health.

Post-doctoral Fellowship

Have more questions about applying for the pre- or post-doctoral fellowship opportunities? Please submit an inquiry through our Contact Us form (right).




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Pre-Doctoral Fellows

Ope Ojo, MPH
2017 – Present | Epidemiology

Heather TaylorHeather Taylor, MPH, LDH
2017 – Present | Health Policy & Management

Kevin Wiley, Jr., MPH
2017 – Present | Health Policy & Management

Yvette Tran, MS
2020 – Present | Health Policy & Management

Jeremy Funk, MPH
2020 – Present | Epidemiology

Post-Doctoral Trainees

Rebecca RiveraRebecca Rivera, PhD

Olivia MilgromOlivia Milgrom, MD
2019 – Present

Elizabeth Umberfield, PhD, BSN, RN
2020 – Present


Nate Apathy

Nate Apathy, PhD
Pre-doctoral Fellow
2017-2020 | Health Policy & Management

Current Position:
Post-doctoral fellow, Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics, University of Pennsylvania

Yenling Ho, MPH
Pre-doctoral Fellow
2017–2020 | Epidemiology

Current Position:
Data Scientist, CDC Foundation

Dr. Karmen Williams

Karmen Williams, DrPH, MBA, MSPH, MA
Post-doctoral fellow, 2017 – 2019

Current Position:
Adjunct Assistant Professor,
City University of New York