As part of our continued goal of partnering with nursing homes in central Indiana, IU Center for Aging Research has received a $621,697 planning grant to evolve the current OPTIMISTIC model into a scalable package for national dissemination.

This planning grant is designed to prepare for further implementation and dissemination of the OPTIMISTIC model, developed with CMS Innovations Center support. The grant includes the following activities:

  1. refining and packaging the OPTIMISTIC “bundle” for implementation;
  2. conducting an environmental analysis and plan for identifying national and regional partners and recruiting future sites;
  3. developing a dissemination strategy, including manuals and materials;
  4. developing a business plan focused on long-term sustainability; and
  5. creating a communications and dissemination plan.

Regenstrief Center

  • Center for Aging Research


Unroe KT, Nazir A, Holtz LR et al. The Optimizing Patient Transfers, Impacting Medical Quality, and Improving Symptoms: Transforming Institutional Care approach: preliminary data from the implementation of a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services nursing facility demonstration project. J Am Geriatr Soc 2015;63:165-169.